Thursday, March 12, 2009

really it's more like "super-sized"

Playing lego trash has become a daily game here at the Doyles. What? You don't know what "lego trash" is? Let me tell ya.

River overseas the building of a nifty trash truck out of legos and then one or two of a select few "guys" gets to fill it with more legos. Usually lego mommy ("ittle mommy") gets to load while "ittle daddy" pushes the imaginary button to smash it all in. The truck gets moved to the city dump where it drops its load and is filled up again. Sometimes River controls the lego mommy, sometimes Mommy does, but most often Mommy holds the monkey or bear who holds the lego mommy to do the work. As you can imagine, it's quite a feat of physical prowess to manage all of this.

The other day River was examining "ittle mommy" and noticed her "ittle butt!" A chant of "Ittle butt! Ittle Butt!" proceeded, and I said, "Yes, little mommy has a little butt." Finding it pretty hilarious, but also wanting to continue this lesson of little and big, I asked him if River had a little butt or a big butt. "Ittle" was, of course, the answer. Then, without prompting, he turned to me and said, "Mommy big butt!"

Thanks, River. Remind me to keep my big mouth shut the next time I try to teach you something.

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Keely said...

LMAO. Nice!

They learn TOO QUICKLY.