Sunday, March 15, 2009

Birthday Countdown: 14 days to awesome!

Reasons 30 is So Much Better Than 20

Holy cow did the weekend just fly by! Here's a bit of catch-up on my list...

14. Barack Obama.
15. I have a gray hair. Why is this "awesome"? Because I had it at 20 and there's still only the one!
16. Thom helps do laundry. (Okay, there's three times as much since I was a co-ed, but it feels nice to have someone to fold it with.)
17. I save myself immeasurable grief with the knowledge that creating myself is more important than finding myself.
18. I know how to wield power tools!
19. No more roommates who never do their dishes, no more renting places I can't paint or decorate.
20. Edgar and Poe, my two lovely kitties. (They're a perfect pair and I only had one of them at 20.)
21. No more cafeteria food! (Every meal in college made me feel unsatisfied and looking for more. I blame my freshman, sophomore, junior and senior 15's on that damn food.)
22. Listened to my son's first attempt at singing today.
23. I am an accomplished, tested, imaginative artist. I have had amazing moments on stage, written thoughtfully, and crafted beautiful works in the past ten years.
24. I have such a better understanding of my parents, and can appreciate their full awesomeness.
25. I know what city I will raise my children in.
26. No more desperate searching for The One. (I am so thankful to have a loving, stable, challenging partner who knows who I am and loves me for it.)
27. No more mid-term papers to write.

28. I can legally drink! (A no-brainer here. Not that I didn't have a cocktail before it was legal, but at 30 I can go into a bar without getting cold sweats worrying about The Man.)


CiscoKid said...

Should I say it gets better?....

Summer Ryan Doyle said...

I hope so! It's pretty great now, but I hate to think of it as "all down hill..."