Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Here you go, RTT, jet lag stylin':
  • When you're flying cross-country with a toddler and the man in the seat next to your husband and son says, "I totally understand - I have two toddlers myself; I'd switch seats so you could be closer to your family, but I have papers to grade and need lots of arm space" it takes every ounce of willpower you have not to shove his head up his ass. Revenge comes in the form of the pungent smell of an unchanged dirty diaper.
  • New picture books from the grandparents = awesome! Carrying them home in your suitcase = back pain.
  • Note to self: don't turn the heat off before a long trip away, even if it's 60 degrees the day you leave. Cambridge winters NEVER END.
  • At the end of each verse of "Five Little Monkeys" River now says, "No-monkeys-jump-bed."
  • Rehearsal of the birthday routine was a success! Thom, River, and I all have March birthdays, so we celebrated them with our families back home and told River it was a "practice run" for the real event. We sang Happy Birthday to You and he blew out his candles like a champ. Then he insisted we do it again.
  • Perhaps letting River nap at 4:30pm was a mistake. It's now an hour past bedtime and he's still not asleep. Daddy has done one extra shift and I'm up next.
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Keely said...

I would have shoved his head up his ass WITH the dirty diaper. Jeez.