Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Here's some more randomness, my friends...
  • The pet store is a fantastic place to take a little one for some free entertainment. River and I went there yesterday (the cats desperately needing new litter), and he spent nearly an hour looking at the fish, reptiles, birds, and gerbils. I arranged it so our trip to see the critters was book-ended by errands to other not-so-fun places (getting a kid through Home Depot and Babies R Us without a meltdown is a feat of Herculean proportions requiring incredible luck and skill). Well, I did it!
  • We have thoroughly destroyed the downstairs family room, but River's new kitchen is nearly complete. Now if someone could help me get sawdust out of the rugs I'd be great.
  • Cambridge is a labyrinth: one way streets, awkwardly angled corners, six-point intersections - don't try taking three right turns to get you back to your starting point - it won't work. I drove the wrong way down a street yesterday and greatly angered the dude coming in the other direction (don't worry, it's a quiet street and there was plenty of room), but I did feel like an ass. Since I usually have an incredibly distracting toddler in the back seat, I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often.
  • How is it this guy was in one of the most convincing love scenes I've ever seen? Thom and I watched Zack and Miri Make a Porno this weekend and I loved it. Romantic comedies like this are porn for women - there is nothing more satisfying than a good love story featuring real, flawed characters. Check out Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist for another great outcast love story.
  • River has started singing this little mantra to himself every now and then: yee-haw-roar, yee-haw-roar. He'll be playing with his legos, taking a bath, sitting with mommy before bed and out will come this song. It started when his dad showed him a set of cards I made with some silly monsters saying some silly things and now he's yee-haw-roaring all the time. The weird apple does not fall from the weird tree.
  • I don't know if my pasty white skin can handle all the promise of sun we've had lately (notice I say "promise"; northeast winters make a ray of sunshine peeking through the ceiling of clouds cause for celebration). I am so eager to get outside again, frolic in the warmth, and end this hibernation. I think River is ready too. Maybe all the yee-haw-roar's are just his way of dealing with the crazy-making winters here.
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Keely said...

It's getting to be "yee-haw roar" around here, too. X just waves his arms up and down and chants "AhAhAhAhAhAhAhAhAh".

And pet stores! Brilliant!