Saturday, March 07, 2009

Birthday Countdown: 22 days to awesome!

Reasons 30 is So Much Better Than 20

22. Listened to my son's first attempt at singing today.
23. I am an accomplished, tested, imaginative artist. I have had amazing moments on stage, written thoughtfully, and crafted beautiful works in the past ten years.
24. I have such a better understanding of my parents, and can appreciate their full awesomeness.
25. I know what city I will raise my children in.
26. No more desperate searching for The One. (I am so thankful to have a loving, stable, challenging partner who knows who I am and loves me for it.)
27. No more mid-term papers to write.

28. I can legally drink! (A no-brainer here. Not that I didn't have a cocktail before it was legal, but at 30 I can go into a bar without getting cold sweats worrying about The Man.)

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