Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

I'm back for another week of spilling the junk from my brain. Here you are:
  • I've spent the entire morning thinking it's Monday and I should write my Random Tuesday Thoughts tonight. I'm totally on the ball.
  • River has a great sitter who he likes and I trust. But she's not perfect, and River still cries sometimes when he has to go away from me. Part of me thinks I should keep looking for someone who is a better fit, but I realized this morning that unless I clone myself, there's never going to be someone I feel completely comfortable leaving him with. Wish I really could be in two places at once.
  • We live in a condo and part of our unit is in the basement along with utilities for the whole building. A fire box within our unit needs to be inspected by the city every six months. Last fall, as I was dealing with moving in, getting River adjusted to the new house, and wrestling with contractors on a daily basis, the fire inspector came to check it out. It was a particularly trying time for me, and the man they sent really rubbed me the wrong way. I guess I was kind of mean to him (okay, the words "bureaucratic bullshit" might have left my mouth), and I'm not proud to say he left that day near to tears saying, "You hurt my feelings." I kid you not. Well, inspector man is back and trying to set up an appointment with me. After a few phone exchanges, I can safely say I do not like this man and I think it would be very satisfying to hurt his feelings again. I know. I'm a horrible horrible person.
  • I love the way River says "downstairs." It comes out like "dow-sayers."
  • River has started eating again!!!! Okay I just jinxed myself, but I can't help it. I'm so thrilled to see him consuming, you know, ACTUAL FOOD. Yesterday in the supermarket he convinced me to buy some chocolate ice cream (you can imagine how hard he had to twist my arm to do that), and I told him that if he had a good dinner, he could have some ice cream for dessert. After an amazing dinner, I was true to my word and asked him if he wanted his ice cream. He didn't buy it. He thought it was some trick to get him to eat more broccoli. I watched him look over to his dad like, "What is she playing at?" and the pure, unbelievable joy on his face after I put the ice cream in front of him was hilarious.
  • I worked on Thom's birthday present today and it rocks. I hope he likes it. (Don't worry, Thom, I'm not making you a set of placemats.)
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blueviolet said...

I love the way he says downstairs too! I love kid pronunciations; they're the best!

Keely said...

lol! The look on their faces when they're "allowed" to do something formerly forbidden is awesome! Sometimes I give Xander sharp knives just to see that look.

Um, kidding.


Summer Ryan Doyle said...

Sharp objects, prescription drug bottles, plastic bags and big tubs of water... all exciting and new!