Friday, November 30, 2007

River News: Month Eight

Dear River (can you believe I didn't call you some silly name like pookie or sesame seed, or Mr. Bigglesbutt?),

You know how you ask someone how their kid is doing, and for a certain period of time the only accurate response to that question is, "Oh, Little Johnny is into everything"? Well, we've hit that point. You, Mr. Rivertonio, are into EVERYTHING. Crawling has given you a freedom the likes of which you have never known, and I tell you, you are drunk with that power.

In spite of having the house as baby-proofed as possible, there are certain things we simply cannot make completely baby resistant. The TV, for instance, is on a big stand that has glass shelves which you love to lean on, and the cat litter has to be accessible to the cats, which means it is also accessible to you, and the ONE plant that mommy has managed to keep alive is on a stand just at the perfect height for you to pull off its little leaves. So, instead of being able to sit you down and let you roam, we sit you down (in front of a big, enticing pile of toys) and off you race to the nearest off-limits object you can find.

Another side effect of your enhanced mobility is that it's REALLY difficult to change your diaper. As soon as we lay you down, you squirm and flip and spin, performing acrobatic feats a Cirque du Soleil performer would envy. It often takes two people to get the job done, and even then it's sometimes easier to just change you while you stand up. You're so squirmy, getting any kinds of bottoms back on you is near impossible, so we just leave you pantless most of the time.

Your favorite modes of play these days are pulling, dumping, and banging. You love to pull things off of shelves and out of drawers. Books, DVDs, toys: if it's on a shelf it must come down! Also, if it's in a basket or other container, it must be dumped! You have a wonderful wooden block set that sits in a tiny wagon and the first thing you do when you see it is dump it out. Finally, if it can be held, it can be banged! You have a spoon--bang! on the tray. You have a book--bang! on the floor. You have a hand--bang! on daddy's head.

I have to say the cutest thing you've learned to do this month is bounce. You bounce when you're happy, and you are happy all the time, my boy. It doesn't matter if you're in my arms, on your knees, in the bath, or in your booster seat--just like Tigger, you can bounce anywhere.

This month hasn't been all roses, of course. You've gotten in no less than FIVE TEETH. That has meant a lot of sleepless nights for all three of us. I think you're done teething for a while (I hope), so that's good. You've also started experiencing a bit of separation anxiety lately. You seem extraordinarily needy, especially at night, and especially for mommy. You won't let your dad put you to sleep and you often wake three or four times before you're really down.

You've had a couple play dates at auntie Crystal's house, and anytime she leaves the room (even if you can see her over the kitchen counter) you freak out. I think your ability to get around has made you realize that you can be away from people and that is a scary idea. We're here to help you work your fears out and let you know that we'll always come back.

This month you've climbed some great heights (literally and figuratively), and it's been so fun to watch you.

I love you,


Mom said...

I can't believe River is 8 months old. He was so little and helpless when he was born and now, look how much he has grown and developed. He's a happy awesome boy with two awesome parents!

Jonnie Darko said...

That dishwasher scene brings back memories. I used to climb into the cabinets under the sink and play with the pots and pans. To me it was a subterannean wonderworld. Nice shot of River on the rampage.

Summer Ryan Doyle said...

River is doing exactly that right now--he loves the cabinets and attacks them whenever he can.