Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I may talk about River the most, but this family actually has two other babies: our kitties Edgar Allan and Poe. They've been severely neglected since River's arrival, but slowly as he gets more self-sufficient, they're getting a bit more attention.

As of yesterday, Poe will be receiving the bulk of mommy and daddy's care because she had an accident and broke her foot. I found her limping around yesterday morning and when I inspected her leg she gave a squeal of pain. Off to the emergency vet as soon as Crystal came over to take care of the Pooker, and the doctor confirmed that yes, she broke one little bone in her left hind leg and she would need a splint and wrap for the next month.

The poor girl must have fallen off of some high shelf clumsily because it's pretty remarkable for a cat to break her foot in a fall.

Here she is looking silly and miserable in her leg wrap (notice Edgar in the background plotting ways to take over her food dish).


A said...

Poor Baby! Make sure and give him some extra loving this month.

the author said...

Wow. Yeah, you don't hear of cats breaking bones very often, though I remember seeing one of your cats up high on something a couple of times. Glad he's ok.