Friday, November 23, 2007

happy tofurkey day!

Thanksgiving was a great success. It was a surprisingly leisurely and relaxed day. I spent most of the day in the kitchen while Thom attended to River, but I didn't feel harried or stressed. I just plugged along, making one dish after the next.

The J's came over in the afternoon bearing a few dishes themselves, and we chatted in the kitchen while Thom finished carving the turkey and I got the buffet set up.

The babies were so cute together! Little J is four months behind River, so he's just starting to get a little trunk strength and to smile a bit. River enjoyed interacting with him for a while, but his favorite person of the evening by far was Mrs. J. He crawled right up to her and giggled and flirted when she scooped him up in her arms.

After dinner, he kept cruising her way, and once in her lap he would snuggle and bounce so happily. It was freaking adorable.

The meal itself was great. Thom says this was maybe his best turkey yet (not including River, who is by far our best little turkey).

And I felt really good about all the side dishes I made. River got to sample most of things on our plate (though the bout of late night gas he had was maybe a sign that he sampled a little too much).

After dinner we all stayed chatting for a few hours. We got along just as well as I had hoped, and it was really a fantastic evening. Mrs. J was surprised to find out she grew up in the same town my mom did (Curtis, right, mom?) and we compared notes on the Midwestern cuisine we both grew up with.

I certainly missed having the whole family around the table like usual, but we managed to have an evening full of joy and thanks anyhow.

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