Friday, November 09, 2007


In the last seven months I've...

put River down to sleep 1,000 times
changed 1,500 diapers
nursed River 2,000 times
and given 6, 300 kisses


Thom said...

I like the wizard of Oz.

the author said...

Are these serious calculations? That's alot of poop to deal with!

Summer Ryan Doyle said...
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Summer Ryan Doyle said...

For reals, yo.

It breaks down to roughly:
Put him to bed 5 times a day
Diapers 7 times a day
Nursing 10 times a day
Kisses 30 times a day (though that's a low estimate)

And that's just me. I didn't add in the diaper changes or naps other people do.

Mind boggling, no?