Friday, February 16, 2007

Letter to the Sesame Seed--Week 35

Dear Sesame Seed,

Oh my goodness, you're almost done "cooking!" In some ways this past week has been the most difficult for me. I've had more aches and pains than usual, I'm very tired and don't seem to accomplish much during the day, and I've been hit with a few surprise symptoms I thought I might escape: stretch marks, heart burn, and bouts of weepiness (when you cry three times during one episode of Crossing Jordan, you know something is out of whack).

Still, it's all worth it when I feel you shifting around after a good meal or during one of many hiccup sessions throughout the day.

Your daddy and I attended a class on breastfeeding last night, during which we got to see lots of video of very cute, very small babies. And for the first time, I had an overwhelming urge to see you RIGHT NOW. It was so strong and so powerful I thought I might be able to make it come about through sheer will. Of course, nature is stronger and perhaps wiser in this case and knows that we probably both need a little more time just as we are.

I love you,

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