Friday, February 09, 2007

Letter to the Sesame Seed--Week 34

Dear Sesame Seed,

Last night your father and I were sitting on the couch together when you started your evening aerobics. I put his hand on my belly so he could feel you too and he exclaimed, "Jeez, he's huge!" I guess I forget sometimes that your dad doesn't get to experience all of your new quirks and twitches and growth spurts first hand, so all of your changes seem like giant leaps to him.

And he's right: you are getting very big. Where once my abdomen used to feel squishy and soft (leaving you lots of space and fluid to float around in), now I feel firm little limbs filling every available space. It must be getting mighty cramped in there.

You're pretty heavy now too, weighing in at 4 3/4 lbs. I've been feeling some round ligament pain the last couple days--a kind of dull ache on the bottom left and right of my belly--from the extra weight I'm carrying. It's very manageable and another sign that I should stay off my feet.

Easier said than done.

With all your growing, my appetite is very strong and I finally had my first midnight snack (though, really is was more of a 3am snack). I can usually fall back asleep after my many pee breaks, but one night this week I just couldn't manage it. Late night infomercials and leftover pasta were just what you wanted. I'm lucky that little adventure didn't end in the purchase of some space saver bags or weight loss pills.

After months of planning and crafting and shopping, I've put the final touches on your room. Besides a changing table and glider (on their way), the nursery is pretty well complete, and I am so excited with how it's turned out. Here are some photos of the space you'll be spending lots of time in:

Finally, here's one your dad took of me last week. Look how big you are!

I love you,


Mom said...

The baby's room looks so great! Soon there will be a sweet little boy in there!
Grandma Janie

Andy said...

What a GREAT room for the sesame seed! Apparantly you have an interior designer living inside you, too!