Monday, June 27, 2005


I am so ridiculously tired right now.

And hot.

It's like 10,000 degrees here and every moment outside just syphons the energy from me. Not that I'm complaining. I would much prefer broiling to freezing.

I've been working on The Hub for the past two days and tomorrow is my last day of filming. I've been having an absolutely fantastic time--the director, crew, and actors have all be wonderful to work with. But this schedule is starting to wear me down.

I was up at 5am this morning, which felt particularly painful since I'm not usually in bed until midnight because of Hal rehearsals. So we filmed the scene and were done by 8:30am, which was fantastic, but I came home and felt completely at a loss.

My morning schedule had been scrambled, and my brain felt the same. Thom and I went to brunch and decided to see the new Romero zombie movie, Land of the Dead. I was so scared through the entire movie, my body was tensed into a tiny little ball the whole time. I saw 80% of it through my fingers, and the rest I only heard.

Needless to say, it was not the best way to relax.

(Tangent: why do continuing going to every scary movie that comes out when half the time I'm so afraid I can't even look at the screen? It's not a pleasant sensation, to be tense and afraid, to jump at every noise, and to feel like your tired muscles have had a workout as you leave the theatre. The person who can explain that to me will earn a dinner out, my treat.)

Later I had Hal rehearsals, which were intense in a different way. We're in that stage of the relationship (the cast and director, I mean) where we've stopped being polite and started getting real (to quote the original Gen X reality show). You know, people feel comfortable enough to test boundaries so conflicts naturally occur--tonight we proved that theory in abundance.

Again, not the most relaxing situation.

Now here I am, updating this blog way too late in the evening because even though I'm running on too little sleep, I'm still wired from rehearsal.

This is dumb. I'm going to bed.

I hope all of you have sweet dreams tonight.

And don't get eaten by zombies.

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