Friday, June 03, 2005

a visit with The Man

So Thom and I are going to see The Insurance Man today to get our house covered for fire/theft. My in-laws' recent brush with having all of their possessions stolen (see my recent post) have made us a bit paranoid and forced us into this very "adult" measure. I keep thinking I've gotten about as "adult" as I can handle, but the world finds new and horrible ways to build the pressure.

For instance, our car windshield was recently chipped by a rock and has now developed a small crack. Instead of letting it go for almost a year (like the little fender dent we got last February) I've actually called my insurance company to file a claim, figured out a glass repair company to go to, and made an appointment with them. What is the world coming to when a procrastinator like myself feels the tug of such stuffy responsibilities and actually does something about it?!

On the other hand, one sign that I haven't completely turned to the dark side is that we're leaving for a week-long trip tomorrow morning and I've only just now pinned down a cat sitter for out pets. I think there's still hope for me yet.


jenn marsala said...

My best friend is all grown up and buying homeowner's insurance! Weird. Don't worry, no matter how adult you get, it's my responsibilty to always love you. Have fun at the reunion!


Tozzorific said...

(Note: the following should be read as if Freud said it.)

Do not worry, you are just experiencing what we call "adultosis". You will soon be a happy and content host for Tupperware parties, and become barefoot & pregnant. What did you dream about last night? Fear not my lovely darling. It is all a part of growing up.

Fig Court Clan said...

Getting added onto Kev's insurance as "Live-in Partner." That's adult enough for me at the moment! Oh the times they are a changin'.

Mom said...

No, No, No . . .
What's happening to my BABY!