Friday, April 03, 2009

and this and this and this

I'm having the hardest time focusing. I want to work on some HooberBloob projects, but my brain is completely scattered and I don't know which project to start. I want to write River's monthly update, but it seems like too large a task for my attention span right now. I need to fold laundry (that's been sitting in a basket for a week now) and do three new loads, but I have absolutely no desire to do that. And I feel like I owe my blog a funny, insightful post, but as you can see that isn't happening either.

I'm missing the sense of routine I had a month ago. Travel and guests and birthdays have disrupted my flow and my days feel a little cracked. I guess it doesn't help that during my precious morning sitter time River has become even more clingy and needy than usual. It seems like the moment I get focused on something, he charges in and cries for me to play with him. And how can I turn him down when he's so sad? I know I'm incredibly lucky to have this time at all, and I want to use it wisely.

Well, River is off playing trains pretty happily, I've just written a post (lame as it is), and I'm sitting at my sewing table ready to work. I just need to get started. So here I go...

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Anonymous said...

first gear is the toughest, but off you go, little one!