Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Welcome to this week's edition of Random Tuesday Thoughts....
  • River has become a little voice recorder, playing back sound bites I don't even know I've uttered. Last week we were getting ready to go to brunch and in the spirit of helping us get out the door, River told us to, "Hit the road." Really? Okay, maybe we'll "put the pedal to the metal" too. At Thom's soccer game on Saturday I was explaining to River that we should cheer for daddy by saying, "Go Daddy!" I got distracted watching the game for a little while, but I must have been giving River more words of encouragement to use because the next thing I hear is, "Kick butt Daddy!"
  • I think I'm going to get into quilting. I'm slightly worried that I'll have to start wearing white nursing shoes and dye my hair blue, but I'm going to fight the granny image of quilting. I'm going to make it cool! You know, like knitting is all the rage these days - quilting is the next big thing. Watch out hipsters, you'll all be wearing quilted skinny pants and ironic quilted T-shirts soon!
  • Every time Thom tries to back up my computer or make it run more efficiently, I lose some capability - like my itunes library goes missing, my address book disintegrates (that was NOT cool), or today, my calendar suddenly says I can't open it because I "do not have the appropriate access privileges." Seriously, you're MY COMPUTER. I have all the privileges I want, you *(^$*(*%%^#$%^!!! I'm sure it's a simple solution, but for me fixing this stuff is like watching a monkey try to operate a microwave. I might get lucky and make popcorn, but chances are greater I'll explode a can of pork n beans.
  • Our kitty, Poe, has been making attempted prison breaks all week. She's an indoor cat (as have all my pets been since I lost two outdoor kitties in one week while I was in high school) and has never shown a great interest in getting out. In our current place she has tons of room to explore and lots spaces to hide, but maybe the horrible smell of her brother's missed kitty litter attempts are driving her away. I can empathize. It's driving me crazy too. Edgar stands in the box and just shoots a stream straight behind him onto the tiled floor. Thanks for that wonderful ammonia smell wafting through the house, Edgar. So Poe has taken to sneaking out any open door she finds. Usually, she has to build up the courage to make a break for it with a door standing open for more than thirty seconds and no humans nearby. But last night she zipped out between Thom's legs as he walked in from work. She got freaked out and hid on the first landing in the stairwell, but these bold moves are making me nervous. Stop trying to escape, Poe! If I promise you more playtime and brushing will you stay?
  • I brought River to the sewing shop yesterday and aside from encouraging me to buy a few spools of thread I didn't need, he did amazingly well. The secret is iphone applications. We have two great ones that are perfect for about 5 minutes of distraction: Peek-a-Boo Barn and Build an Alien. They're good for short trips to the bank or post office, waiting in the car while daddy gets his dry cleaning, or quick conversations with store clerks. I've also started carrying around crayons, paper, and stickers for times when we need more extended entertainment like daddy's soccer games, meals out, or waiting in doctor offices. We're good at the grocery store as long as River has a snack and he gets to help hold some things. That's what's working this week, at least. I'm sure next week we'll be back to square one.
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I am Harriet said...

Poor kitty.
Hope you get to enjoy some popcorn :)

GreenJello said...

Our cat likes to meow to go out, and then freaks out when she finally gets outside. It's rather funny.

blueviolet@A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Those kids are like little sponges, aren't they? Nothing escapes their attention and it all comes back out. Teachers hear it all too.

Keely said...

I wonder how your computer feels about your monkey self getting all up it's bidness? :)

kyooty said...

Our Cat is 13 and still tries to escape, but then if she gets out? she doesn't know what to do out there.