Monday, April 13, 2009

in the buff

River and I are in his playroom when I remember that he hasn't had a change since he woke up from his nap, oh, about an hour ago. He is very cooperative; he lays down on the floor for me and lets me get to work without complaint. I get through wiping and taking away the old diaper, the new one still under his bum, when the phone rings. Usually I would ignore it - not only because telemarketers have our number on speed dial, but I generally have this weird phone aversion - but at this particular moment I'm expecting a call from River's aunt and uncle. So I tell River to stay right there, I'll be right back, and I run to the other room to answer the phone.

At that exact moment, Thom walks into River's playroom from the back door and finds his son alone on the floor, pants splayed around his ankles, bits and pieces out for the world to see. He hears me in the other room, figures out what has happened, and chuckles to himself. River, however, wants to leave no doubt that this is not a situation of his own making and explains, "Diaper change."

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