Wednesday, June 25, 2008

OCD? You decide.

I'm sitting on the living room floor at the end of a long day. River and mommy are both getting a special treat, relaxing in front of the tube, watching Bee Movie. He's mellow. I'm mellow. We're having a good time.

He wanders into the kitchen and pulls something out from a low drawer. With a proud smile on his face he plops into my lap and hands me a bag of Spicy Thai Cashews. Great, I think, too spicy and he can't have nuts anyway.

Instead of taking the treasured bag from him and eliciting a wail of protest, I walk back into the kitchen, explaining, "I'm sorry honey, those are too hot. Let me get you something else." I return with a bag of raisins, and the little scavenger looks pleased.

Instead of plopping back into my lap, he gets up with his bag of nuts, walks over to the drawer he got them out of, returns them, and comes back to me.

In no time we have big fistfuls of raisins, big smiles, and one awestruck mommy.


Andy said...

It's not OCD. Let's say that it is just River asserting his male dominance by showing you that yes, he COULD have gotten these on his own.
This will last until about age 10, when he will open the cabinet to find something, realize that it is not staring him right in the face and cry out, "Mom! Where's _____?" To which, no matter how many times you say "You need to move stuff around" he will STILL be unable to find it. The you will walk into the kitchen, reach into the cabinet (with your eyes closed) and pull the requested item forth for him.

Summer Ryan Doyle said...

Have a little experience with this, hmmm?

More than anything I think River has this urge to put things in their rightful place. He picks up garbage on the street so I can throw it away, he gets his books back to the correct shelves, and god forbid someone leaves their shoes out--he carries them to the closet door and pounds on it until we put them away.

My little organizer.