Saturday, June 21, 2008

bedtime routine

If I was a River, I would...
  • Stomp around the bathtub like Godzilla, crush my toys with monster feet, spread water far and wide, all while growling in Gremlin-speak.
  • Jump around naked on mommy and daddy's bed--running and giggling as they attempt to latch a diaper to my wet butt.
  • Make sure I wrap up the night with hugs and kisses from both of them, then talk to my critters (HaHaLouie and Bear) in a sweet, lilting voice as I pass out.


Anonymous said...

That first paragraph, if you edited a couple of words, would be a poem and a half. It's great.


Summer Ryan Doyle said...

That's so nice--my mom suggested a children's book. Maybe I'll have to think about that.... :)