Monday, June 02, 2008

River News: Month Aaaaggghhh!!!

This post is really just to say how late the real post is going to be. We spent the weekend in Denver celebrating my aunt's birthday and introducing River to my mom's side of the family. Fantastic time. Imagine your favorite non-threatening '80s TV program (perhaps Our House or Family Ties) and you'll have a pretty accurate view of how we roll--sugary sweet, lots of hugs, and a valuable life lesson learned every so often.

We returned home this morning (5:30am, whoo hoo red-eyes!!) and were promptly slammed in the face with all the demands of buying a new home/selling an old one. We had two meetings at the new house today to decide some issues on wiring/drainage (can you hear the excitement in my voice?). I also booked some movers to come and haul away all of the random junk that won't be appealing to the potential buyers traipsing through our house THIS WEEKEND.

That's right, in addition to booking multiple contractors to do major work in the new house as soon as possible, we have less than a week to prepare for an open house.

River, I'm sorry this letter is going to be so late. Hopefully, over the next few days, I can carve out some time between packing up our crap and catching up on lost sleep to write all about the amazing changes you've experienced this month.

In the mean time, here's this to tide you over:

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Ms. Marie said...

I can't believe how big he has gotten. He has his mommy's pouty mouth. It's so cute! It's good to hear about your house, good luck. I'm in that business so if ya need any advise give a holler!