Thursday, July 03, 2008

the path I'm on...

Given a few years, I imagine I could have written this:

Out With the New and In With the Old

I have somehow declared buying new things to be completely frivolous and somewhat unhealthy. I’m not sure how this happened. It was partially due to Don trying to work freelance only (and making less money) - so that he and we as a family have more flexibility and time together.

But then, I recieved a few gift cards for for the holidays and went to try to use them. It actually made me sick to my stomach. I’ve gotten so use to shopping in thrift stores and really thinking about the consequences of mass producing plastic crap, that I just couldn’t buy something new. I know that I will buy things in the future and sometimes they may be new but I really feel such a consciousness every time I think of making a purchase. This can’t be bad.

This idea of buying things used and trying to make things as much as possible has gotten embedded into my psyche. I also want this to be a part of my daughter’s world too. She is a self proclaimed Target addict, so we try to no longer shop there. We shop in local thrift stores and yard sales - I love the idea of swapping what you no longer need for something that someone else no longer needs. Our entire house is made up of hand-me-downs and used but lovely items.

I have made all of my gifts this year. Sometimes this is hard. There are many people who don’t appreciate the handmade. I’ve been really trying to use recycled materials and found objects. Sometimes I make a trip to the fabric store or the art supply section but I’m really trying to make a difference in this over-produced, over-purchased, over-stuffed world of ours.

Besides we have so much shit already. Just keep me away from Ikea!

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