Tuesday, March 04, 2008

sew you think you can cook?

I bought a new sewing machine last month and in addition to hemming a few pair of pants and sewing some curtains for Kevin and Crystal's nursery, I have now completed my most complicated project to date: an apron! Oh, the height of domestic goddess-hood: to not only sew an apron, but to sew an apron. Now I can be barefoot and (not) pregnant in the kitchen while wearing some kicky duds.

I'm actually very proud of my work on this thing, and it does serve a functional purpose as I (happily) do most of the cooking and am notoriously messy when I do it.

So here's a little bit about my process...

I chose two fabrics that work well together so that I could make it reversible and use both fabrics as accents. I wanted this apron to make me smile, and the saturated, bright colors and happy patterns do:

Using a pattern, I cut the pieces out for each side, sewed straps and added pockets to the design. Here's the unfinished floral side:

Next, I assembled both sides, added a stitch around the edges to give it a finished look and viola! Here's my new apron:


Anonymous said...

Wow! That apron even makes ME happy!!

Great job, my little domestically talented, artistic and genious daughter!


Andy said...

Look at you, going all "hottie June Cleaver".

Well done, Summer.

Now where are the matching oven mitts...?

A said...

great job! i love the fabric you picked out for it.