Wednesday, March 12, 2008

baby on the way

River and I are in Las Vegas awaiting the arrival of the newest Doyle, Kevin and Crystal's son. This is Crystal about a month ago in their lovingly decorated nursery in Cambridge (notice the awesome pirates on the wall):

I haven't seen her yet, but as today is her estimated due date, I imagine she is MUCH bigger now. She and Kevin flew out to Vegas so that Crystal could give birth in her childhood home, a wonderful, but logistically complex endeavor.

River and I will be here for at least two weeks (perhaps longer if The Kid decides to take his sweet time). Thom plans on catching a plane out when Crystal goes into labor; so he will be able to meet his nephew right away, even if he can't be around for the birth.

In the mean time, we will be missing Thom horribly. But I'm sure we'll keep busy with friends and family (a friend from Boston is just happening to visit Vegas while we're here, so it'll be fun to spend time with him in my "natural habitat").

As happens when I'm traveling, the posting may be light. But if I don't get to it soon, remind me to tell you all about my zombie audition!

Cheers until we meet again!

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Anonymous said...

Summer, I for one am dying to hear about the zombie audition. How did you like those guys? Did you say hi for me? I really enjoyed working with them and hope you got in.