Monday, March 10, 2008

I would now like to take a moment to bitch...

Thom and I had a pretty rough time with River yesterday, and I'd feel justified to complain if River hadn't had it worse.

He got all messed up with the time change, not only sleeping way longer than usual, but then capping a whole hour on top because of daylight savings. I think his internal clock was on bizarro time all day, making him completely cranky and fussy.

He's also going through Teething: Molar Edition! It causes a lot of pain, which he relieves by gnawing on anything he can get his hands on: toys, books, shoes, electrical wire, sharp metal objects, broken pieces of glass... (I'm just kidding, of course. We would NEVER let him chew on books.)

If the pain of teething weren't enough, he's also getting over a little cold I gave him. I went through it a few days ago, so I know that his throat is hurting and his little runny nose is uncomfortable. If he follows the same pattern I had, however, he should feel better today.

To add to the fun yesterday, River is learning some new mealtime tricks. Thank goodness it only took the first five of six meals yesterday to figure out why River was being so cantankerous. After pushing away nearly every spoonful of food, tossing fruit and bread on the floor, and generally acting pissed off and offended when we had the audacity to try to get something--anything!--in his belly, we finally figured out it was because he wanted to do it himself. No more small pieces, he wants to take a bite from the whole apple, sandwich, cracker, etc. himself. No more spooning food in for him, he wants to do it himself.

Last week I helped him hold a spoon and scoop some food into his mouth, and now he's determined to do it ALL the time. Not only does he get about a third of the food in his mouth (the rest on his bib), but he physically shouldn't have the capability to do this for several more months. Sure, my baby's fast, but he's not THAT fast. Which means, he's going to have a real steep learning curve or I will be cleaning up massive amounts of baby gloop after every meal. (Although, who am I kidding? I do that now.)

Finally, just because, you know, we love the sound of a whiny, fussy, unhappy baby, we decided to spend the afternoon house hunting; which, as you know, provides ample entertainment for a small child. We're going to strap you in and take a bunch of car rides. Then, we're just going to carry you around some strange houses for a while, but you can't get down and touch anything, and we can't really pay attention to you right now. Okay?

Yeah. That went over well.

You know what would be awesome? NONE of that happening today.

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