Friday, September 07, 2007

food for thought

River is eating solid foods three times a day now. Once I realized he needed the extra calories (his attacking of the boobs every ten minutes was the hint I finally took), and this eating thing changed from a fun little experiment to the real deal I felt a surprising and intense pang of sadness. My baby has taken a major step away from complete dependence on me (snip! snip! on the umbilical cord), and boy was I not ready for that.

He seems to be on an express train out of babyhood and all I can do is try to keep him on the tracks.

Though it means leaving something behind, it is fun to watch him experience all the new sensations of tasting food. The subtle sweetness of peas and carrots have been a real favorite, while the slight sourness of pears turn his face into an exquisite pucker.

He's a natural born eater--no messy high chair struggles or airplane games needed--and it's no wonder considering the appetite his parents both have. He gulps oatmeal and jars of veggies down with great intensity--often complaining because the spoon's trip from bowl to mouth is too slow.

Now that River will sit happily in a high chair for some time, the family can have actual meals together, no longer needing to trade him from one lap to the other. He'll sit playing with a toy or munching on squashed banana for five or ten minutes while I get to feel like an adult and use both hands to eat.

All of the advantages of River's new skills come at an emotional price, but I figure that's just part of parenthood. We constantly have to say goodbye to the baby we know and help usher in the person he's becoming.


the author said...

Yes, at this stage of life the phases come and go so quickly. Your post captured the bittersweetness of this quite admirably.

Andy said...

Every new beginning is another beginnings end.

The lives of our children seem to be a continual rite of passage.

Great post, Summer. Very well said.

Ms. Marie said...

Yeah, just wait until he walks into Kinder for the first about ripping out of a heart!