Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I took River to the Children's Hospital to participate in a study on social recognition today. The two research assistants were very nice and River flirted shamelessly.

First they put a "hat" with sensors all over it on his head and when he reacted to that okay, we sat together in a dark room in front of a monitor. For short bursts he was able to focus on the screen as they flashed images of faces across it. He fussed a bit and I was afraid we weren't going to finish, but in the end he took my finger to suck on and was a champ from there on out.

We got ten bucks and toy for River out of it, and really, it was just fun to be part of an experiment. I know my brother was doing something similar with adults a while ago, so I got a kick out of that. Plus, now I have these pictures:



Kablack said...

The tests have proven this baby is the chosen one. We must get him to the coast before the corrupt government abduct him for their own vile purposes. Long live the revolution!

Summer Ryan Doyle said...

The Eagle has taken flight. When he skims the water, mother whale will provide food. 13 shrimp are on the menu. Zanadu!