Tuesday, January 24, 2006

to do list

Things that I WANT to do today...

finish my craft project (OMG, I'm making the most fun bridal shower invitations ever!)
go see Brokeback Mountain, Capote, or Transamerica
bake a small army of gingerbread men to do my house cleaning for me
read the entire Sandman series cover to cover
start a webcomic
fight crime

Things that I SHOULD do today...

memorize my lines for a film project
redesign my website
buy a new battery for my watch
send updated headshots to casting directors
look for new monologues

While the first list is a whole lot more fun, my "shoulds" aren't really bad at all. Maybe I can even combine the two... you know, find a new monologue in the Sandman comics...or fight crime while buying a watch battery! This could be an interesting day.

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