Sunday, January 01, 2006

an arbitrary reason to start fresh

Welcome to a new year, everyone!

Thom and I had an absolutely fantastic time at home in Vegas with our families, and now we've returned to the chilly land of the east in time to celebrate the change of the calendar. Not that we did much to celebrate...

We flew in on a red eye Friday night, arriving in Boston yesterday morning and by 7pm we both knew the futility of trying to go out to celebrate. So we rang in the New Year with our butts on the couch and cocktails in our hands. It was a tipsy, sleepy, happy celebration followed by a solid 11 hours of sleep. Nothing like sleeping til noon on the first day of the year!

Now I've come up with my New Year resolution, and I'm filled with all the hope and determination a clean slate provides. In an effort to simplify and focus, I've limited myself to one resolution this year: get in shape.

It's a standard one, I know, but resolutions aren't about originality are they? My principal goal is to find and maintain a regular workout regimen. I was more active in 2005 than years past, but still not as consistent or disciplined as I'd like. A secondary goal would of course be to lose some weight, but that's less important than improving my overall health.

You're all my witnesses now, so I expect a public flogging should I slack off.

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Andy said...

Welcome home and Happy New Year! There's nothing like a good resolution to start the year off right. Add the prospect of public scrutiny and a flogging and you've got yourself a winner!