Monday, January 16, 2006

killin time pt. 2

My watch just died on me. It's the latest go--a sad soldier in an army of watches I've managed to kill since I started wearing them years ago. It's not just that they go dead way before their time (usually a couple months after I buy them); no, for a few days before they go kaput I have a magical backward-running watch.

Seriously, my mutant power is to make watches tick backwards. I have no idea why this happens--perhaps some weird blood chemistry, or electromagnetic pulse, or maybe it's like Thom says and I'm really an alien planted here at birth.

I've talked to a number of people about my mutant power, but never run into anyone who could concur that, yes, they too have the freakish ability to make watches reverse. After an online search I even found a number of people who frequently kill watches (some within hours of putting them on--the force is very strong with them), but still no one who actually reverses the clock.

So this is my call to you, fellow mutants, please reveal yourselves. If you have this strange gift, I'd love to hear from you. So as not to leave the rest of you out, I invite any of you with any useless mutant powers to please share (you know, like the uncanny ability to sense the mailman coming or terrific toe dexterity or a third nipple). Don't be shy, the world wants to know!

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