Tuesday, January 10, 2006

getting my social on

After a week of sitting on the couch zoning out to the tube with our house guest, Kevin, we finally got off our asses this weekend and (hopefully) showed him a good time. Friday night we went to see my friend, Seth, in his Mystery Cafe show and engaged in some post-show debauchery at Three Cheers. A few of Seth's friends were there as well as much of the cast so I floated around chatting while Kevin and Thom indulged in gin and tonics (and some drunken philosophy to boot).

I was designated driver, so after a couple hours at the bar we moved the party to someplace more conducive to me having a drink--our go-to party spot, the Doyle Pad. I love hosting because we have a nice open kitchen/living room, a passable bar, comfy furniture, chill music, and generally a positive vibe in our house. An added bonus is when I'm done hanging out, my bed is waiting for me, all cozy and warm (warm because Thom usually finds his way up there a few hours before I do).

At peak we had a group of about ten hanging out, which dwindled down at around three. A few of us stayed up until the early morn (my god, what did we do until 6am?) and as usual Seth ended up on the couch for the night while a couple extra folks took the spare futon upstairs. It's great to have space for people to stay so I don't have to worry about them doing stupid things like driving home drunk.

I wasn't hurting too bad the next day, which is great because I had a show that night at the Theatre Cooperative. I did a couple plays in the Ritalin Readings at the Theatre Cooperative (10 minute staged readings), which Kev and Thom came to see. It was the first time Kevin has seen me act since high school, so that was a bit daunting, but the evening went well. The second play was especially well-received and I was psyched to get such enthusiastic laughs.

The next morning I started off with a little five mile run (imagine the sarcastic tone of "little" here), which was awesome and kicked my ass. Brunch with some old friends from the boys' MIT days, and then they went off to look for a permanent residence for Kev and I hopped it over to my friend Will and Ellen's Sunday Afternoon Tea.

Seriously, they threw a tea party. We had tea and cookies and I brought along some very appropriate cucumber sandwiches. I felt like the queen. Thom and Kevin joined us later on and I think we all had a wicked-good British time.

So, it was a bit of an unconventional weekend all around but I enjoyed myself immensely. Plus, we got to show Kevin a little bit of "how we roll" here in Boston.

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