Friday, October 07, 2005

I'm huge in Europe


This is a trailer for a short film I worked on. Watch close; you'll miss me if you blink. :)

It's nice to have one of the film projects I've done actually come to completion. One down, nine+ to go.

Still, apparently my name is getting around. My mom's friend, Liz, wrote the other day to tell me about an encounter she had with a sales rep for a textbook company. When the rep walked into her office and saw my picture on the wall, she said, "How do you know her?"

Liz told her she's known me since I was a little girl, and the sales rep replied, "She's an actress, isn't she? I think I've seen her in movies."

So here's the hilarious part: I haven't even seen me in movies. If there are completed copies of work I've done out there, I certainly don't have them. But I think I can solve the mystery of how this random sales rep from California would know me.

I've done a few industrials for Macmillan--video supplimentals to their textbooks--and being in the industry, she might have come across them. I should get in touch with her and ask her how they were--who knows how long it'll be until I get to see them.


aaron said...

That's super exciting...the trailer and the recognition. Looks awesome. What's the storyline?

Andy said...

I blinked and still saw you so that's a good sign, right? :-)