Monday, August 01, 2005

a woman of leisure

We wrapped up Hal yesterday and I'm in recovery mode now.

I think I'll take what's left of today and do absolutely nothing that I should do. For the first time in months I don't have an immediate obligation to be somewhere, work on something, create anything, or help anyone out. And I'm taking a break, damn it!

...for a day at least...

So what will the world offer me today? It would be nice to find some cheesy thriller in a drugstore, go out to the river, plant myself in the grass and read the day away. Or I could go see a movie. I've been anxious to see Hustle & Flow or Mad Hot Ballroom. And for some reason the idea of writing a letter to my grandma sounds appealing... not sure what that's about.

A lot of my friendships have been neglected these past two months, and I should really remedy that. Of course, I'll save that for tomorrow simply because I'm not doing "shoulds" today.

I think I've figured it out: I'm going to grab my severely neglected journal, take it to my favorite cafe, and try to digest all this past week has held. I would do it here, but a girl has to have some private thoughts, you know?

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Mom said...

I went to see "Mad Hot Ballroom" with a friend from work and we really liked it.