Monday, August 15, 2005

happy accidents

I got a message from Jessica with Adams House Productions who said she'd like to use me in a short that Santiago Tapia is directing this week. Santiago is one of the first film directors I worked for earlier this year--a fantastic guy, works meticulously, and produces wonderful films.

I was psyched to work with them again, so I called back and left a message. In the mean time, I got an email from my friend Kevin, saying he'd been cast in a short film and that they were looking for a few more actors. I read further down and saw--you guessed it--it was the same film. He had a script attached to the email and when I opened that it turned out the writer of this film (called Happy Accident, by the way) was the director I worked with on The Hub.

So I talked to Jessica to let her know I was free, and since they were still looking for two more people to cast, I sent a few friends her way. Now it looks like the entire cast, save one, as well as the production crew are people I know. Awesome!

And here I was, bemoaning the postponement of a different project just two days ago.

I love when the universe sends me an unexpected gift like this--it's like finding a twenty on the street.


Andy said...

I can't imagine what the other project could be...

Congratulations on your unexpected good fortune! You certainly deserve it!

P.S. Can I have the twenty if you find it?

Summer Ryan Doyle said...

Andy, you might be interested to know that our very own David Beck is working on the movie as well...

Andy said...

Is he??? That's fantastic news! It's great that Happy Accident has ridiculously talented actors (this is my new descriptive phrase for all of you) working on it.

Any word on the twenty? Just wondering... :-)

Mom said...

Awesome -- happy happy day!