Tuesday, August 02, 2005

down for the count

The fact that my throat closed up in the middle of the night--making swallowing about as pleasant as a smack to the face--has led me to believe I might need to take more of a break than I initially intended.

I'm hoping I just caught Thom's cold and don't have, as my swollen glands are want to tell me, strep throat. In any case I'm on tea and hot soup at the moment, and I'm going a little crazy not being more productive.

I forced myself to sit and watch Merchant of Venice on pay per view, and now I'm trying to find some other suitably non-taxing activity without much luck. The meds I'm on are starting to make the screen blur, so I'll cut this short.

My parting thought: Al Pacino really likes to use accents.


Andy said...

You work yourself WAY too hard.You need to rest, relax and do absolutely nothing until you feel better. Now hop to it and do nothing!

Mom said...

Wish I was there to make vegetable soup and take care of you. I agree with Andy, just sleep and don't worry. Go to the doctor if you're not better in a day or so.
Love you lots,