Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


  • I'm really ready to be done traveling now. So far in 2009 we've been to Mexico, Las Vegas, Nebraska, Las Vegas, Las Vegas again, and Colorado. And it's only May! Next week we go to New Orleans, and after that will be Italy, Florida, Dominican Republic, and finally Maryland. Now I am in no way complaining about the wonderful opportunities we've had to see family and - HELLO? ITALY! - but I am sick of planes, tired of sleeping in a bed that isn't my own, and starting to miss home. Thankfully, by the end of September, I will be physically unable to get on a plane with my big pregnant belly, so people will have to start coming to us.
  • I am so happy spring is here.
  • We've joined a fitness club that has a pool. I wish you could see the crazed look of joy on River's face when he gets in. He couldn't be happier if you offered him a gallon of ice cream and a day at the playground.
  • Something must be done about Edgar. Something must be done about my lovely, fluffy, sweet, incontinent fat cat. Okay, he's not really incontinent, but from his inability to hit the letter box, he might as well be. He's a huge cat with a history of bowel problems (one of the reasons my parents finally said Thom and I needed to take him from their home in Vegas back to Boston with us - their carpet just couldn't take him any more). And today he's much better about attempting to go where he's supposed to, but instead of standing in the litter box and doing business there, he hovers on the edge and pees directly outside of the box. We have the box set up in a little-used second bathroom shower, so clean up is easy, but unless we go in there and hose it out multiple times a day, the pervasive smell of rank ammonia takes over the entire house. And this pregnancy has not made my nose any less sensitive. It's driving me crazy and I don't see any solution that we haven't already tried. Maybe we should get the Dog Whisperer out here and see if he can work some magic.
  • Have I mentioned I'm REALLY happy spring is here?
  • River has started sleeping in his big boy bed. Four nights and two naps have all been successfully attempted and I can't tell you how proud I am of him! We have his crib set up in an upstairs room that will eventually be the new nursery. Downstairs is a bunk bed (the bottom bed is directly on the ground) in what has been a playroom up until now. Of his own accord he asked to sleep down there one night a few weeks ago, and though that attempt didn't work out, he asked again recently and he's made it through the night every single time since then. So far it's been such an easy move I think I should be prepared for the rough part to kick in. I mean we can't really get off this easy, can we? Like, when will he realize he doesn't have to wait for us to come get him out of the bed and come jump on us at 4am? But it's all awesome now, so I'm just enjoying watching my boy experience such a confidence-inspiring transition.
  • I have the sweetest little boy snuggling in my lap right now. We're gonna go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. Have a nice random Tuesday!
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Kim said...

There is really no place like home, is there? lol My RTT

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

holy traveling girl- do you travel for work?

Summer Ryan Doyle said...

I don't travel for work, though it seems crazy to move around that much otherwise, huh? We both grew up in Vegas and still have family there, so those are trips "back home." Let me give you a breakdown...

Mexico: first trip w/o child over New Years
LV: To our parent's place to pick River up
Nebraska: My uncle's funeral
LV: Goodbye party for friend going to Afghanistan for a year
LV: High school friend wedding
Colorado: Family reunion (these happen about every 5 years)
New Orleans: Business for hubby, chance for River and I to see the city
Italy: Long-planned trip for me and my girlfriend
Florida: See the magic kingdom on our way to DR
Dominican Republic: celebrating Thom's parent's 40 anniversary
Maryland: Thom's frat reunion

Lots of happy events mixed in with a few very sad ones. We really are very lucky to get to see all these places, but it will be an exhausting year.

GreenJello said...

I am jealous of your traveling, for whatever the reason. I love to go places!

Mom said...

Here's an on line cat whisperer who might be able to help with Edgar: http://www.for-the-love-of-cats.com/Contact.html

I have a couple of thoughts about it, too, if you want to give me a call.

Hugs to River!

Julie P said...

We should talk cat some time. Our huge guy Nali has what we call "litter box issues". We've tried everything and now have a secret solution that I'd share in person but not over the blog, its kind of embarrassing. And if you need cat sitter we have one we LOVE. We refuse to ask friends to deal with the "issues" so we have a paid sitter that comes to the house once a day when we go away.
WOW travel - I went to college in NOLA I'm so jealous you'll be there soon -be prepared for super hot and humid. Let me know if you want suggestions on what to see and where to eat.
Hope to see you soon.