Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Photo Edition!


I have a ton of pictures I haven't shared, so I'm giving you a special treat and including photos with my RTT today. Most of these are from our trip to Vegas this weekend, but I think I can keep the randomness intact anyhow. Here we go...

* Edit: I didn't realize what a difference there is between medium and large photos, so it might behoove you to click on them for larger versions

Figuring out what to call this monstrosity has almost been harder than building it. I know they're supposed to be "playscapes" these days but what happened to the swingsets and jungle gyms of yore? Playground is a little too grand and playscape is too yuppie, so I think I'll stick with "The Beast." That seems fitting, right?

Corn is always better when you can wrestle it from your cousin with a choke hold.

It is impossible not to be proud of your child when he does something new, no matter how mundane. I look at this picture and I think, "My kid is a genius! Look how well he can make bubbles!"

My friend, Mikey, the handsome guy on the arm of lovely Jane, has the best memory of anyone I know. Ask him to tell you Dave Mathew's entire catalog and he'll throw in B-sides and live recordings. Want to remember that random guy from freshman English (and I'm talking high school here) and he'll tell you where he sat and what his Shakespeare presentation was. Five years ago Michael hosted a tasting dinner with multiple courses and accompanying wines. We were recounting that great dinner at his wedding and he remembered every course down to the balsamic reduction and dessert wine we had. I can't remember half of the people I've kissed in my lifetime, where the heck does he get it?!

Sometimes I feel like the luckiest person ever. How many people are still close with their friends from high school? We've gone away to college, moved across the country, traveled the world. We've had marriages, meltdowns, new babies, identity crises, divorces. One of us even has an Emmy nomination (you rock, Doug!). Through it all we've managed to maintain that fantastic bond that holds us together. I love you guys.

Feeding animals is FUN! We went to Bonnie Springs on Saturday and River got to feed a deer, peacocks, swans, ducks, and chickens. He really wanted to lose a finger to this guy, but mommy saved him from disaster.

Usually it's my dad that blinks or makes a funny face in an otherwise perfect picture. Good one mom! I guess we shouldn't have given her that lemon before boarding the train. (Click to enlarge this one - it's totally worth it.)

Trains? Still the best thing ever.

I wonder if previous generations liked to dress up as people from the past as much as we do. I can just see a Medieval king talking his wife into dressing up like a cave family for their portrait sitting with the royal painter. Look honey! I'm wearing an animal skin! Ug ug!

In case you were wondering, it is possible to eat enough soft fruit candy to turn your teeth, tongue, and poop blue.

There you go, kids. Head over to Keely's place for more randomness.


Ms. Marie said...

I am so glad to know that I am not the only one that has had a brush with a child and blue poop. Anthony got his from blue pudding when he was little. I was freaked out until I was remembering what he ate from that day. I will never buy promotional pudding again...damn that Disney Atlantis movie.

Keely said...

Wow, that is BLUE.

I have a similar cluster of high school friends. It's awesome.