Thursday, February 26, 2009

trash duck

River has been having a fantastic time with the block set his Dadu made him. Last night the boys built a pretty incredible tower together, and I was able to snap a few shots before destructo-boy tore it down.

This morning he was at it again. The first time we built something with these blocks I made a rough-looking structure and called it a trash truck, which just sent River to the moon. Ever since then we are not allowed to build anything unless it is some kind of trash truck. So we build towers with wheels (as you can see above) and call them trash trucks and he is happy.

This morning Thom branched out and built a little duck, and, as you can imagine, River was very disturbed by this development. To appease the toddler, Thom attached a barge to the duck and built a trash-holding structure behind. Of course that one was destroyed in minutes. The photos below are what I built afterward:

The key requirement of anything we build is some kind of open space in which River can stuff extra blocks as "trash." He then proceeds to fill it as full as possible until the whole thing comes tumbling down.

I have a feeling River's career choice will likely lean more toward demolition than architecture.

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