Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


I'm trying out a new thing. A few of the mom blogs I've latched onto (like a newborn at the teat) write Random Tuesday Thoughts in which they spew whatever...random... stuff that comes to mind. It ends up being pretty entertaining, in fact. I'm feeling randomy, so here goes:
  • I smell like a yak right now. I haven't had a shower in three days and instead of hopping in there right now, like I should, I'm spending my time doing this. Totally productive.
  • My sewing machine broke a week ago and I still haven't taken any definitive steps to have it fixed or replaced. I've gone to two sewing shops, researched new machines, and considered my options, but for some reason I feel paralyzed with indecision. I think because sewing is a major part of my business, I want to make sure I get the absolutely perfect new machine and there are HUNDREDS to choose from. Too many options! Just tell me what to get and I'll buy it!
  • My friend Jenn has finally nagged me into joining facebook. She was right. It is really simple and better than myspace. But I see it becoming another easy distraction, so I'm laying low.
  • Jenn has also inspired me to try to blog a little more often than usual. She did it in the most obvious way: by appealing to my ego. I check everyday, she says, and I always wonder why you haven't blogged for like a week! It's nice having a reader. You know, the one besides my mom and husband.
  • Maybe River's obsession is getting to me, but I think about boobs all the time these days. boobiesboobiesboobiesboobies. It's pretty fun to say. You should try it.
  • Thom has diagnosed our cat with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and I actually think he's right. Every morning when the coffee grinder starts running Poe freaks out and attacks her brother Edgar, makes the most pathetic high pitched squeal, and is generally manic until the grinder stops. Thom says if it was just anxiety, exposure therapy - hearing the damn thing every day for the past five years - should have worked by now. So PTSD it is. Poor girl. I wonder what horrible thing happened before we adopted her to create such black spot in her life.
  • Now that I'm near the end I can say I love these Random Tuesday Thoughts! It's totally liberating to get rid of all that useless stuff rolling around in my head and not have to make a funny, poignant, or meaningful post about it. Just dump it out!
I would do that linky thing other people have done, but I'm feeling too technologically lazy right now. Maybe next week I will have it figured out.


Keely said...

It could be PTSD. It could just be that cats are naturally insane...or maybe she needs some coffee herself ;)

Summer Ryan Doyle said...

Yeah, we should definitely consider a cat's natural proclivity towards insanity...

Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

I love you, I love your RTT and I love your site name. May I ask if it's a Pratchett reference? If it is, you're about to get yourself a pretty fine blog stalker.

Summer Ryan Doyle said...

Why thank you, Julie! I feel positively radiant!

My site name isn't a Pratchett reference (I just looked up the book and it sounds great); rather it's a kind of conglomeration of ideas I had about feminism/religion/identity rolling around my head as I was graduating from college nearly 10 years ago. It takes a little from the Wiccan goddesses Maiden, Mother, and Crone, a little from Neil Gaiman's Furies in his Sandman Comic, and a little from Norse mythology.

Basically, "The Wyrd Sisters" in my mind celebrates the idea that no person is ever just one thing. We are mothers and lovers, students and teachers, ball-breakers and pushovers. As I go through life I change in perceptible ways (single to married to married with child) and ways that aren't as perceptible. The Wyrd Sisters is a place for me to document all of those variant, ever-changing me's.

Funny that no one has ever asked me about my site name before and I've never felt the need to explain.

jenn marsala said...

That best friend of yours is a pretty smart cookie! Now the world will get to enjoy your mind much much more often!

Love you,

Oh...and I do have that Serger (is that even how you spell that?) for you. So you can grab it when you're in Vegas in March! In the meantime, good luck with your sewing machine search...I'd offer a suggestion but we all know it takes me about two weeks to even pick out a pair of pants so...

Sammanthia said...

I throw away shirts that are missing a button just because I was tired of sewing the button on the wrong place and having the shirt look all jacked up when it was on.
I envy you.

Summer Ryan Doyle said...

I'm not sure my sewing skills are any better than yours, Sammanthia, but I sure do have hubris!

Anonymous said...

A yak? That's awesome. Why haven't you showered?


Summer Ryan Doyle said...

What, you've never just forgotten to shower for three days? Oh yeah, you have a job in which you actually have to go outside and face people. ;)

P.S. I did actually manage to shower yesterday so the counter has started over.

Anonymous said...

I love the Random Tuesdays too! Help me with this facebook thing. I just don't get it.