Tuesday, February 24, 2009

don't count me out yet

A little blatant self-promotion here...

Guess I was being hasty when I said I didn't get in to the Jumpstart Contest on Ohdeedoh, because HERE I AM! I underestimated the time it would take to vet all the entries, but I am so happy to have made it through. I'm pretty proud of the work we did on this, and I know River loves the space, so I hope I make a good showing in the contest.

If you'd like show your love and help us win a little prize, please head over to Ohdeedoh and vote. You'll have to sign in - a simple process that doesn't require much. Once you're done, take a look around. If you're interested in home decor at all, Apartment Therapy (Ohdeedoh's mother site) is a fantastic do-it-yourself-inspired-space with categories for any interest: kids, kitchen, technology, and green living.

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