Tuesday, July 29, 2008

time warp

To quote another blogger I have neither the time nor inclination to look up, I have discovered two things this month:
  • I can live my life
  • I can write about my life
...but I may not be able to do both at the same time.

We have been blessed with a wonderful month of visits from family and friends, trips around town and out of town, great meals, concerts, tours, weddings, and lovely nights under the stars. I would love to share some details, but I need a moment to catch my breath. I know some of you faithfully check my blog everyday and I hate to disappoint you for a little longer, but writing may be scarce for the next little while.

Thanks for being patient with me.



jenn marsala said...

Is that baby winking at me?! Is that baby actually winking at me?! Amazing.

Summer Ryan Doyle said...

Yup. Winking and grinning and being a little pooker. The scrunch face is pretty cute, huh?