Sunday, March 04, 2007

Letter to the Sesame Seed - Week 37

Hello sweetness,

I'm sorry I'm a couple days late with this one. I've been getting over a cold and just now feel well enough to focus on anything besides healing. It's amazing how much energy it takes to fight off an illness and grow a baby at the same time; my body just decided there was nothing left for me.

Luckily your dad was here to take care of me yesterday. He let me sit on the couch and watch tv, read, and nap all day. He made me meals, kept me supplied with kleenex, and managed to clean the house too.

I think it's entirely because of him that I feel much better today and I'm very happy to be among the living again.

We spent the morning at the Asgard for brunch, then went over to Isis Maternity to buy a couple nursing bras. My girlfriends will be shocked (and perhaps jealous) to know that I came home with three new bras bearing the cup size "F". I'm sure the questions on their minds are: since when did they go up to that size, and how is it I don't topple over when I stand up? Mysteries of the universe.

I'm planning to attend a yoga class tonight, which should feel really good after a week off. You'll enjoy that too, since you'll get to experience all the fun twisty-turny positions that you seem to like.

You've been very active the past few days. Statistically your movements are supposed to decrease as you get more cramped, but that hasn't been true at all. You seem to spend a lot more time awake and shifting around than before, especially in the evenings.

We watched the Tenacious D movie last night and you really seemed to like that. This fact combined with your similar reaction to Spinal Tap has me slightly anxious that we have a little rocker on our hands. Of course I'll love you no matter how you turn out, but I do anticipate quite a few headaches in your teenage years.

This week marks your arrival at "full term." That means you could be delivered anytime now and would be well prepared to meet the world. It's a very exciting landmark and has me pretty anxious to meet you. I'm trying to stay calm--I'd like my mother to be around for your delivery and she won't be here for three more weeks--but I also just want to see your cute little face and hold you in my arms.

I love you so much and I hope you're enjoying yourself in there. Maybe for a treat next weekend, we'll rent Wayne's World for you.



Anonymous said...

Size F???? Holy Schneikies!

I think you should watch some Monty Python to see if the little one will be a rocker and a theatre nerd like the rest of us! Ahh sweet comedy...

Ms. Marie said...

Summer! I am so excited for you...I'm sure you are building up a great amount of anticipation with the coming week...I wish you nothing but the best of luck and tons of love your way!