Thursday, November 02, 2006

post halloween recap

Perhaps he was tired after waking up for a 5:30am flight, or maybe his heart just wasn't in it, but I guess Thom decided White-Trash-Lounge-Singer-Priest was as good a Halloween costume as any. I, on the other hand was pretty psyched about my Biker Dude costume (even if it kind of freaked out my husband to kiss me).

Upon closer examination, however, this is more than just a Biker costume. Check this out:

It's like someone smooshed my parents together and dressed them as one of the Village People.

Crystal and Kevin were very cute as Hansel and Gretel in their lederhosen.

Hansel even let me put the moves on his girl:

We spent the evening watching whatever scary movies we could find on cable--Freddy vs. Jason and Jeepers Creepers--and handing out candy to the half a dozen kids that actually came to our door. Once we were good and warmed up on the blood and gore, we headed over to Brattle Square for Evil Dead II.

Along the way, Crystal gave out her spare candy to people walking on the streets in a little reverse Halloween experiment (results: men are much more likely to take candy from strangers than women--suggesting one more reason our lifespan is longer than theirs). Of course, I didn't want to ruin little Sesame Seed's first Halloween by giving away all his chocolate, so we left a stash at home.

After the final credits rolled on the movie, I was a jumble of nerves with my guts rolled into a rock hard ball. Thom insists that it's good for the Sesame Seed to experience a wide variety of emotions through me, and he certainly got a good dose of "scared" that night. Of course it's nothing a little candy can't make better...


Mom said...

Just don't watch "Alien" while you're pregnant, like your mother did. It's not a time to see creatures bursting out of a stomach, not a good thing at all!

Andy said...

Wow - you REALLY do look like BOTH of your parents in that costume. No wonder Thom was feeling a bit reluctant. :-)