Friday, November 10, 2006


I know it's scientifically impossible, but I think some kind of genetic transformation takes place at the very core of your cells when you get pregnant. Like all of my old "Summer" DNA has morphed into an entirely different strand of "Mother" DNA. How else to explain the near irresistible urge I have to constantly decorate, clean, and CRAFT?

exhibit A:

I made this mobile to put over the crib yesterday, deciding to forgo, you know, buying one, because it would be "too impersonal."

Okay, yes, I have way too much time on my hands these days, but at least I can feel good that I'm using this time off from work in more creative endeavors than eating bon bons and watching Montel. I may be insane, but at least I'm productive.

My new favorite place to visit is a website called NotMartha, a great how-to site dedicated to crafting, cooking, and bringing adorableness to the world. I'm getting a lot of great inspiration there and looking forward to bringing my own 3-D cookies, tiny pinatas, and spider cakes to life.

exhibit B:

If you're still skeptical about my genetic transformation, consider this: I am utterly consumed by the idea of filling my house with Holiday Decorations. This week at Kohl's I bought Halloween candy dishes and mugs on sale in anticipation of putting them out next year. Every fiber of my body wants to go out and purchase full dinnerware sets in Thanksgiving and Christmas patterns. Images of themed table runners, cloth napkins, and salt & pepper shakers dance through my head, calling to me with all of their kitschy charm.

Why?! Why, I ask you?! I used to be sensible; I used to be able to appreciate Christmas without vomiting green and red all over my house. I'm not even annoyed by the fact that we haven't come to Thanksgiving yet and the stores are full of chestnuts and cheer. In fact, I love it--I'm excited about getting a jump on my shopping!

As much as I liked the old Summer, I think the new one is here to stay. There's something about starting a family that has put an entirely new emphasis on hearth, home, ritual, and celebration.

My mother-in-law, Julie, has complete sets of decorations for every holiday (and I wouldn't exclude Flag Day or the Chinese New Year from that list). Front lawn to back, floor to ceiling, decorations fill their house nearly year round. She likes to send Thom and I themed hand-towels or little wall hangings at Valentine's Day or Halloween. I used to think she was well-intentioned but a little insane about it all (sorry mom). I never understood why someone would take the time and energy to transform their home that many times a year.

Well everything comes full-circle, doesn't it? I TOTALLY get it now. I don't just get it, I am in the thick of it. I'm sure this is just one incident of many that will have the mothers of the world smirking to themselves, thinking, "Now she knows what I went through."

So be it.

I'm okay with evolution.

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Ms. Marie said...

Yeah, um, I plead guilty to all of that stuff! I recently returned from Target with 12 Halloween Baskets for the party next year. Of course Francisco looked at me like I lost my mind. Yeah, decorating, cleaning, crafting. only gets worse!