Thursday, October 19, 2006

kiddie room

Sometimes I get on these obsessive little jags--usually when there's a project or something creative to be done around the house--and I just can't let go of it until it's finished. This is why if you had been looking for me anytime over the past week, the most likely place to find me would be the hardware store or the new nursery. Yes, I've begun decorating and I am in project heaven.

Thom and I took a trip to Ikea last weekend to find all the "versatile solutions to modern living" our baby might require, and while "giant leaf canopy" and "awesome mosquito netting curtains" weren't specifically on our list, they have found a fantastic home in the baby's room.

I'm still very much in the process of decorating--as we have no major furniture yet--but the painting is done and the room is starting to feel playful and welcoming.

I started by taping off the original lavender wall at the center to create an orange border, then once that was done, I painted the bottom aqua and the ceiling light lavender. Here's our basic color scheme:

My favorite part of the room right now are these enormous leaf canopies hanging over where the crib will be.

Since we've decided on a "happy bug" theme, I'll be incorporating ladybugs, butterflies, bees and the like into the room. I'm going to sew some fabric bugs onto the mosquito net curtains and get some felt petals to make the (hand-painted) curtain rod look like a flower.

This twirly do-dad is cool because Thom bought it for me years ago (it was one of his first presents to me, as I recall) and it happens to match the colors perfectly.

I'm going to tackle the armoire today--painting over the current wood finish with orange, lavender, aqua and green.

I'm having so much fun creating this welcoming space for our baby--making sure it's happy and playful. And though he's not able to do much of the work, I know Thom is also relishing this chance to explore life from the view of a child.


Mom said...

I love the colours and the theme and the leaf canopies! So glad to see some pictures of the room. I've been in such a state of anticipation! I know you are having lots of fun being creative. Enjoy!

Andy said...

What a great theme for a child's room! Little Sesame seed is obviously in good, creative hands. Enjoy these moments, Summer.