Thursday, October 05, 2006

geekiness squared

From Weird Al's latest album, this gem: White and Nerdy. I know way too many people (including myself) who will identify with this song.

* Note: I've replaced the broken link above, but if you have problems with it, go to YouTube and look up "White and Nerdy."


Andy said...

The link - she is gone. Ah, the pain of not receiving my Weird Al fix. I guess I have to go back to singing "Yoda".

"I met him in a swamp
down in Dagobah
Where it bubbles all the time
Like a giant carbonated soda.
S-O-D-A soda."

Everybody sing!

Summer Ryan Doyle said...

Ahhh! Try it again. :)

Andy said...


Seth Green showing off his OWN collection of action figures is priceless!

Now I must go clean my D&D dice.