Thursday, April 20, 2006

battle of the films

A little update on End of the Line, the Tufts film I worked on a couple weeks ago...

Directors Jordan, Jon, and Zach entered the Campus Movie Fest, a national competition that challenges student filmmakers to conceive, write, and shoot a short film in five days. End of the Line was rated a top Tufts entry and has a chance to compete city-wide at the judging/screening tomorrow night. The best 16 films selected from six Boston schools will be shown at the John Hancock Center at 7:30pm. I'll be there, crossing my fingers for a win (or, at the very least, a viewing), and I hope you'll send out some good thoughts for the film.

Oh, and if you check out the CMF homepage, I'm included in a photo collage at the bottom of the screen--super close-up with sunshine halo. Hear that? That's the sound of absurd glee. Oh good lord, somebody put a vice on my head.

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