Monday, April 10, 2006

an actor updates

This year has had a sluggish beginning, but apparently my slump is officially over.

I wrapped a Tufts student film this weekend which featured Walter, The Amazing Saint Bernard Puppy! If Walter's head and paws are any indication of his future mass, his body (now the size of a full-grown Lab) will be no smaller than a horse in a few months time. The movie, a dark story about a delinquet dogsitter, will be submitted to a short film contest tonight. Good luck Jordan, John, and Zack!

Later in the month I'll be working on two independent features. In Absent Father--a film about a woman who experiences immaculate conception--I play the nurse who delivers the next child of God. And in Hunting Dignity, I am the barfly friend of a writer at the end of his rope.

The project I'm most excited about has a few details to work out, but the idea is that I will be playing Ophelia in Shawn Cody's adaptation of Hamlet, going up this summer in a soon-to-be-determined location. I worked with Shawn's Shakespeare East company last summer on Hal Harry Henry, and though my role in it was relatively small, it was one of the best experiences I've had on stage.

It feels fantastic to be working again and to have more projects on the horizon. I've had lots of time to ponder this, but I'm much happier being over-worked than under-worked. Maybe one day I'll find a balance, but for now I'm just lucky to be doing what I love.

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Andy said...

It's actually rather difficult for me to believe that you could be in a creative slump...