Thursday, September 15, 2005

so I married a corpse...

I saw a preview showing of Corpse Bride yesterday and as always, Tim Burton has out done himself with delightful creepiness. Stop-motion puppetry is the perfect medium for a story that might otherwise be too gory or gross to enjoy. The characters are fantastic, the visuals gorgeous, and the story absolutely sweet.

I've always been a fan of Burton's dark, subversive sensibilities and his longtime muse Johnny Depp. And I'm glad they're getting the word out early with these advance viewings because the natural audience for this type of film (um... goth kids and Tim Burton fans) is pretty small. It's certainly not a kids movie(though 8 and up would be pretty safe), and I don't imagine the Constant Gardener crowd will be rushing off to get tickets.

So here's my plug: underneath its gruesome aesthetic, Corpse Bride is a smart, funny, touching love story.

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Andy said...

I'm glad Tim Burton is returning to this medium again. "Nightmare Before Christmas" was one of the best (read:twisted and fun) movies ever.