Saturday, September 10, 2005

I'll be in my trailer

Okay, no, I'm not being abused by my husband.

This is actually a shot of the stage make-up I used for a play I'm doing in Providence this weekend. I was really impressed with how it came out and wanted to share the creepiness with you.

Ugh. It's not pretty. And I'm sure my mom is having issues right now.

The show is a series of five minute plays and we're performing at 6pm in Tazza Cafe tomorrow night. Sorry, short notice for anyone who might come, but I figure Providence is a bit out of reach for most Bostonians.

On a completely unrelated note, earlier this week I got to "work with" one of my long-time acting crushes (if you consider "working with" standing in the background as an extra while said actor is 10 ft. away from you and never acknowledges your presence).

I was on the set of The Hill, formerly known as Brotherhood, which stars Ethan Embry of Can't Hardly Wait fame as well as quite a few other notable actors. I mention Embry only because a scant few years ago the chance to breath the same air as him could have only been surpassed by the opportunity to suck face with Christian Slater (whom my father always referred to as "Christian Slobber"--much to my chagrin).

Sorry, Thom, I'll stop talking about kissing other men now.

Anyway, I was on set all day (15 hours!) and I'm pretty sure I'm prominently featured in the background of one scene for about 15 seconds. Sweet! Fame, here I come.


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Summer Ryan Doyle said...

Man, I freaking HATE blog spammers!

Chaz said...

I must say, very attractive.

So you're in Providence? I'm applying to Brown in November. Maybe I'll see you there!

Oh, by the way, I noticed your link to my page. Thanks a lot! Consider it reciprocated.

Anonymous said...

Your mother-in-law is appalled at the picture of you honey. And is glad to know it is only make-up.