Monday, September 26, 2005

nerds on stage

I bit of news: I've been cast in a play called "Professional Skepticism" by James Rasheed to go up at Bentley College in November. It's nice to have something consistent to work on again (my cats were getting way too much attention for a while there) and very nice to be paid for it.

The play takes place in a Big Five accounting firm in South Carolina and apparently I am the office hoochie. It's a nice little play that shows the dark underbelly of the world of accounting--I mean it, these people are conniving and mean. I'll never look at a guy who casually peppers his conversation with the word "fiscal" the same way again.

I like that it's in the same vein as Copenhagen and Arcadia--making an otherwise academic subject accessible to "artsy retards" like myself by giving dramatic life to the subject.

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Andy said...

Now...let me get this straight - you can actually get PAID for acting?

That's GREAT new, Summer! Congratulations!